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Why Maltipoo?


Specially created breed for people with allergies

Hair, not wool

Without shading and the smell of the dog

Small size dogs

They can be taken with you everywhere. All airlines allow the Maltipoo to fly in the cabin

Ease of care

Maltipoo can be potty trained inside the house in special places

Our Puppies

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Maltipoo in Russia and Ukraine. Full range of consulting services

We make delivery to any city in the world

We feed all our dogs with super premium food

Maltipoo Dogs

The world does not stand still. Together with it, the breeds of dogs develop. Different breeds are crossed to get a new necessary appearance, character and other features.

Maltipoo has become one of the most popular new breeds of mixed breeds. They are obtained by crossing a dog and a plush toy. Just joke 🙂

Maltipoo is the result of crossing the Maltese and Toy poodle. The breed is from the USA and now at the peak of popularity, winning the hearts of local celebrities.

The breed has come to us relatively recently, but dog lovers have already had time to evaluate the maltipoo: hypoallergenic hair, incredibly affectionate nature, love to children, are playful enough, but not hyperactive. Very sensitive to the mood of the owner, surprisingly quickly adapt to changes and adore travel.

Thanks to soft silk wool very similar to plush toys. By the way, the maltipoo has not wool, but hair. They do not shed and do not smell like a dog. Hair of maltipoo, like in humans, can be even, wavy or curly.

Strictly speaking, all the interest in the breed – every dog is individual and beautiful in its own way. There is not a single one of the same, as it can be in other breeds.

Adult maltipoo weighs 2-4 kg. Small dogs with hanging ears and brown eyes can have a variety of colored wool. The color of the coat is from chocolate to white, but most often it is a light shade of apricot and cream. Maltipoo remain up to old age puppies. Undoubtedly this dog will become a source of positive and good mood for the whole family.

In addition, the doggie has sympathy for people, which makes it an excellent choice for canistherapy (non-traditional medical practice, when people are treated through communication with animals).

In our kennel there are always Maltipoo Puppies: write to us to purchase an inexhaustible anti-stress.