Abroad with maltipu

За границу с мальтипу

“Mom, take me with you!” 🐾

Summer is coming and vacation season is coming. Perhaps you are planning a vacation with your tail? ⠀
Then check again the availability of everything necessary for departure (departure) abroad:

1. Chip (all our graduates are chipped)
2. Vaccines (all our puppies are vaccinated)
3. Rabies vaccination (check your maltipu passport for a Rabies sticker). A rabies vaccine is given no earlier than 3 months. Also do not forget that the vaccine is valid for 1 year, that is, every year the dog needs to be re-vaccinated. If the dog is not vaccinated for more than a year, they will not be allowed to go abroad.

4. Antibody titers – are made a month after rabies vaccination. This is a separate document that must be checked at border crossings. The document is done once and for life.
5. Certificate F1 – issued by the veterinarian 4-5 days before departure, which indicates the state of health of the dog.
6. A plane or train ticket for a dog is a must for Malta. On average, it costs $ 50-70, depending on the airlines. All dogs up to 8 kg fly in the cockpit with the owner. .
If you have any difficulties with documents or deadlines – contact us. We will always help our little cannons with all the necessary documents and travel arrangements ❤️