Adult Maltipu Weight

Вес взрослого мальтипу

Maltipu is not an ancient breed, but one of the youngest. Only 40 years ago the poodle and maltese were first bred in the USA to get a good hypoallergenic breed for people with asthma and allergies. And they did it great 🙂 Today, the maltipu has won the hearts of so many people and the breed has become truly popular. But! still unrecognized FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale – International Cynological Federation). And only in America maltipu recognized in the AKC (American Kennel Club – American Kennel Club). There Malta get their club ID number from 2009 and from 2020 will begin to participate in exhibitions.

Definitely, soon our cynological unions will accept and recognize the charming maltipu. But for now, we get all the right information in the USA (scroll through the carousel to read the sources). So, let’s talk about sizes.
In America, they say that maltipas are from 5 to 20 pounds, which in terms of kilograms is from 2.3 to 9 kg.
By size, maltipa in America is divided into:
1. Toy (toy): 2.3-4 kg
2. Mini: 6-9 kg

Sometimes, with very small maltipu sizes (up to 2 kg), the name Teacup maltipoo (ticap maltipu) is used. 🐾
For some reason, other names have entrenched in our domestic market. It is believed that there is a микро micro ’, мини mini’, and стандарт standard ’maltipu, where the micro is an American pickup, the mini is an American toy, and the standard is an American mini. 🐾

As you can see, domestic names are very different from those used in the homeland of maltipu, but the point is that you need to understand what size maltipu is suitable for your family.
We’ll talk separately about the size of the “micro”, which in America is called the “Tikap” (up to 2 kg). Such dogs can not live in a family with young children (less than 8-10 years old), with traveling families, in a house with stairs.
Such dogs need special care: regular feeding of even an adult dog (4-5 times a day) to avoid a sharp drop in sugar; in no case should such dogs be supercooled or overheated; be sure to teach the dog not to jump off the sofa on his own, as they can easily break a bone; owners should carefully move around the house and use the doors with care.