Alone at home

один дома

Maltipu is a companion dog.☝

And if nobody is at home every day from morning to evening all day long – for a tail it is torment.

We do not recommend taking the maltipa to those who have an empty house every day and do not have the opportunity to take a ponytail with them.

The element of maltipu is to accompany the owner always and everywhere. Being close to a person.
Many of our clients take pony tails to work, some always have someone at home, some buy two maltipas, some leave only for a few hours. Of course, we are not talking about situations where sometimes you need to go away for the whole day. But if this is your permanent lifestyle – it is better to wait a bit with Malta.

From excessive loneliness, dogs begin to behave badly, they can bite things out of boredom, and from resentment or as an instinct abandoned by a pack – make a puddle (or something else) in the wrong place.

Please consider everything in advance before acquiring a family member 🙏 .

We are responsible for those we tamed.