From fleas and ticks

От блох и клещей

Did we manage to get your attention with this @maltipoo_mishelle teddy bear?
Fine! No doubt 😉❤️

And now you can scroll through the carousel to look at our recommendations on flea and tick remedies:

1. Bravecto tablets for puppies and dogs weighing more than 2 kg. Protection for 3 months with one tablet. Ingestion. The pills are tasty, they chew easily and usually the dog thinks it is delicious :).
2. Flea and tick collar Bayer Foresto. Protection for 8 months, but does not always work while walking in the forest or in places with dense planting of bushes and trees. Can be used for puppies from 2 months.

3. Drops at the withers of fleas and ticks. Suitable for puppies and dogs of small breeds older than 7 weeks of age and weighing from 1.5 kg. Protection for 4 weeks after one use. Do not forget that the action of drops weakens after bathing. .
Before going out for three days, be sure to take precautions. Tick ​​bite is very dangerous 🙆 ‍♀️