Getting ready for the puppy

Готовимся к щенку

You bought a puppy and very soon a baby will appear in your house. Here are our recommendations on what you need to buy in advance (scroll through the carousel for a good example):

1. Bed and table with bowls @harleyandcho
We recommend size M. Get a -25% discount for our cannons with a password (get a password from us in Yandex.Direct)

2. Disposable diapers (size 60×60). For the first time, put the puppy 3-4 diapers in different places so that they are always in its field of vision. Over time, gradually remove the diaper until you are alone in a place convenient for you and the maltipa. ⠀⠀

3. Food and water: it is better to use non-carbonated mineral water. Make sure you know the amount of feed needed per day. A puppy is fed 3 times a day for up to 8 months. After 8-9 months, they are transferred to two meals a day.

4. Shampoo and balm: you can bathe your baby yourself (no more than once every 10 days). ⠀

5. Buy a scallop for a maltipa and a slicker. Comb your baby 2-3 times a week.

6. Be sure to give your baby a lot of toys from different materials. On them, he will be able to satisfy his munitions, because in the next half a year his teeth will change.

7. If you have a house with stairs or an apartment unsafe for a puppy (many open wires, sharp or fabric decorations), we recommend purchasing a puppy pad for the first time: it will protect your baby for the duration of your absence. Organize a cozy space inside with his bed, bowl and diaper.

8. Before going out, put a flea and tick collar on the baby. (3 days before going outside)

9. Buy a hat with the puppy in the @masterzoo pet shop to choose the right size on the spot. The collar will not work for the first time. As a leash, you can buy lightweight nylon or tape measure. ⠀⠀

10. Pre-register your baby for hygiene grooming at @mybarberpet. For our maltipu: the first load for puppies up to 4 months old is free, the second one -20% discount, and a permanent discount -10%. (Get the password from us in Yandex.Direct for receiving discounts and gifts). You can buy classic shampoos and clothes for babies.

And in the photo, our plush graduate Jordan ❤️