Gold club card

Золотая карта клуба

We do not stand still, we are developing, we are trying to become better, to break our own records and we are doing everything to maximally help all the owners of our Maltipu.

Now, all of our kids will receive club gold cards, which will provide a number of advantages.
In addition, it is a guarantee that the puppy is one hundred percent from the Maltipoo World kennel, because a lot of stories about when the puppy was presented said that it was from our kennel, and it’s not ours, and indeed not a maltipu.

So, what does the gold card of the Maltipoo World Club give да

First of all, along with a golden card you get a guarantee that our puppy.
You also get the opportunity to visit the club veterinarian (for examination and vaccinations in Kiev and Moscow) and a dog handler (in Kiev, Moscow).

And the club provides full support for documents throughout the life of your pet. .

And of course, discounts in the best and our favorite places for ponytails (Kiev, Moscow):
1. -10% on the second puppy, (purchased in the house to the first)
2. -25% on products @harleyandcho
3. -100% on the first -20% on the second and -10% on all subsequent haircuts in @mybarberpet
4. -10% to stores throughout Ukraine @masterzoo
5. -15% to the hotel for animals
6. -15% to the veterinary clinic @animal_clinic_
7. -10% to @pennyandsheldon store (Moscow, do worldwide shipping)
8. -10% to the pet store
9. -15% to the pet store @bark_and_tail (Kiev, 7 Dragomirova St.)
10. -10% at a clothing store @taily.dogwear
11. -10% for tokens @lavi.j.o.y.
12. -20% for clothes @montmorency_for_pets
13. -10% (Moscow, grooming and shop)

All our babies are “packed” with dowries: a club hat, a club address tag, a carrying bag, food and, of course, documents. And yes, all of our graduates are microchipped.

Do not forget that we do delivery throughout Ukraine, Russia and Europe (from hand to hand, no Cargo).
And we also prepare a lot of interesting, new and useful things. Stay with us 😉❤️⭐️