Grooming maltipu

Груминг мальтипу

Grooming maltipu is an important component of a dog’s beauty.
It is very important to visit the grooming salon at least every 2 months. 🐾

Due to the fact that the Maltipu breed is new – they are often sheared either as poodles or as a lapdog. 🐾

Today we will write a couple of simple rules that are important to adhere to when professional grooming:

1. The length of the hair.
Maltipu can have both long and short haircuts. But basically, everyone prefers to cut the long hair of the maltipa: it’s easier to care for them, less often to comb, the hair becomes plush to the touch, and the maltipu looks like a toy.
2. The muzzle.
Be sure to ask the master to cut a round face (scroll through the carousel for a good example). Do not cut the nose at the top (like poodles) and do not intentionally part (like lapdogs) on the nose.
3. Paws.
Do not cut the legs shorter than the rest of the length of the coat. This grooming technique is typical for poodles, not maltipu. (Visual photo in the carousel). We advise you to leave a little longer hair on the legs than on the body (“columns”).
4. Often, craftsmen cut their tail at the base. Do not do this, this technique is also characteristic of the classic poodle haircut.
5. It is very important to observe the correct proportions: if you cut off the head strongly and leave longer hair on the body, visually the maltipa will seem a little awkward and resemble a dinosaur 🙂
Make sure that the hair on the maltipu’s head is slightly longer than on the body. Always leave a hat.
6. The ears.
People often ask: what type of maltipu is with short ears and which is with long ones? It’s not about the ears. The ears of all maltipu are the same. But the hair on the ears can be both long and short.
For example – if you cut off the hair on the ears “under the root”, then your adult malpu will again become a puppy in appearance. Long hair on the ears will make the maltipa chic and luxurious. ⠀ 🐾 ⠀
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