How often to walk the maltipa

Как часто выгуливать мальтипу

Maltipu is one of those dog breeds that can walk at home in the cradle, which, of course, greatly facilitates the care of them. .
Although it must be said that many owners teach their tails to walk on the street, which is also suitable for maltipu.

Nevertheless, they often ask: if the maltipu go to the toilet at home for a diaper, how often should they be walked?

The answer is simple: as well as a person and a dog, positive emotions are important. And what could be better for a ponytail than to run around in the open?

Make a conclusion yourself: even though maltipus can be indoor dogs, they will undoubtedly receive a portion of the pleasure of walking 😉

We recommend walking the maltipa in fine weather as often as possible 👌 😉