Hypoallergenic Maltipu

Гипоалергенность мальтипу

According to allergists, there are no hypoallergenic dogs, there are only dogs without an undercoat that do not smell like a dog (or smell less) and do not fade, as a result of which the reaction of allergy sufferers and asthmatics is less than for other breeds, but not completely absent.

So what is the secret and mystery of Malta?

Maltipu as a breed was created in the USA especially for people with allergies and asthmatics.

First of all, it should be noted that maltipu wool is hair. They completely do not molt, and the hair does not remain on your trousers, but on the brush only at the time of combing.

Maltipu have no dog smell, and when bathing every 2 weeks and grooming every 1.5 months, they don’t even have their own smell.

Our clients were adults and children: asthmatics and allergy sufferers, with reactions to wool, dandruff, saliva, and even dog protein. Fantastic, but true: with Maltipu, these people were able to communicate, hug and even sleep on the same pillow.

Allergy sufferers who have tried communication with shih tzu, yorks, and even poodles and malteses, who are the parents of maltipu, write to us with the last hope. And not in vain – with Maltipu they now live with it very happily :). Moreover, the body of an allergic person eventually “hardens” near the maltipu and then transfers milder communication with other animals.

We are always delighted with stories with a happy ending when a dream comes true ❤️
And thank God, we have many such stories 🙏 🙏 🙏

And in the photo, our brutal man, a graduate of Bru 🐾