If motion sickness in the car

Если укачивает в машине

Maltipu is the ideal companion and his mission is to accompany you always and everywhere. They perfectly carry a car, long-distance roads and air travel. Almost everyone has a beautiful vestibular apparatus and all of them are born travelers.
But there are exceptions when puppies are still motion sick. Although this problem loses relevance as the dog grows older (up to a year).

Signs that the puppy is rocking in the car:
* increased salivation,
* rapid breathing and / or frequent yawning
* the dog constantly licks its nose,
* looks depressed
* stomps on the spot, trying to find a more comfortable position.

What to do if a puppy is rocking in a car?

1. The ideal option is to accustom the tail to little trips, starting with short and close crossings, taking only a few minutes. Travel time must be increased gradually. Do not forget to use positive reinforcement every time – to praise a puppy for calm behavior in the car.

2. If you know that the dog is rocking the car, but you have a trip, do not feed the pet 2-2.5 hours before it. Be sure to walk the dog well before riding. Stop during the journey to let the dog stretch, take a walk and drink some water.

3. Remember that any additional irritant of the nervous system – loud music in the cabin, air freshener, perfume or smoking will aggravate the dog’s motion sickness in the car. Therefore, try, if possible, to refrain from using unnecessary aromas and turning on loud sounds in the car.

4. If you are not driving, give your baby the opportunity to look out the window and breathe fresh air (open it a little).
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And in the photo, the ideal traveler companion is our graduate Nick. ❤️