Maltipu early education

Раннее воспитание мальтипу

Many of our clients ask, “When can I start training for maltipu teams?”
Our answer: as soon as the puppy’s adaptation has finished after moving to the owner (usually 2 weeks), you can start training.
And now in order.
Immediately after the move, your first training will be to remember “diaper”, “eat”, “sleep”, “no”.
After all, to teach a small child these simple things is also very important. Follow the sequence from the first day, do not change the rules.
A place to sleep, food, water, diapers – should be in the same places.
The “no” command should be said every time a puppy does something wrong. Do not spoil the puppy in his childhood, so as not to punish the dog for the same actions when it grows up. .
The command “sit”, “lay”, “give a paw”, “aport”, “to me” – can be easily learned by a puppy by the age of 3 months.
The command “place”, “voice”, “dance”, “turn”, “bring” are more difficult and must wait for the puppy to grow up for at least 5 months.
To the question “When to take a dog handler?”, We answer: “Now.” If you previously didn’t have a dog, if you don’t know where to start and how to get it right, it’s best to seek help from a specialist. For 2-3 lessons, an experienced dog handler will put everything on the shelves and tell you how to raise a well-bred dog. And further trainings of a dog handler with a puppy will make it easier for you to raise a child.
Early education of a maltipu will help you to do without problems in the future, because it is much more difficult to re-educate an adult than to teach a baby the correct behavior.
And in the photo is our graduate, who is very much loved and that’s why they pamper :))