Maltipu education

Воспитание мальтипу

Maltipu possesses not only a kind, affectionate and gentle nature, but also dogs with a high level of intelligence.
The maltipu’s parent, the poodle, ranks second in the ranking of intellectual abilities among ALL dog breeds, giving way only to Border Collie. Therefore, maltipu has good learning ability and they do it with pleasure.
‼ ️ There is one main rule that needs to be remembered by each owner: resolving something even once, then it will be twice as difficult to wean.

Once throwing a delicious meal from the table during dinner, you will make it clear to the tail that you should stand and pitifully look into the mouth of the host during your meal. And you can also whine to enhance the effect.
Once you put a ponytail for the night in bed, you will let him know for life how cool it is. Wait for the tail at your feet now every night.

Once you play with the tail with your hands, as if it is the second puppy, you will let him know what a cool game it is. Wait for playful bites and adulthood.

Once you do not keep track of a pair of shoes during a tooth change, you will let your tail know for life that this is the coolest bogeyman. Hide your shoes until a complete change of teeth and then the whole tail will be absolutely indifferent to her tail. And do not forget about the need for toys of pogushki: a lot and different.

Once you leave the maltipu for a puppy at home for a long time, you will inculcate in him a fear of loneliness. Then the tail will whine constantly, as soon as you go beyond the threshold.

Once you set a maltipa on a flock of pigeons or cats – be sure that now the tail will not miss a single one.

This list can be continued for a very long time, but there is only one principle – be constant in raising tails, take time for your child and then you will grow an obedient adult dog. ❤️