Maltipu food

Корм для мальтипу

We recommend that you feed Maltipa with dry foods of super premium and holistic class, where all vitamins and trace elements necessary for the puppy are balanced. ⠀ 🐾
Do not mix food from the table and dry food, because this way you upset the balance of nutrients. Our feed recommendations are based on our experience. You can choose the right food for your puppy yourself, based on personal observations.
Often, food that was suitable for one maltip was completely unsuitable for the second: poor appetite, less shiny coat, bad breath or improper stools – all this is an indicator of the choice of food.
So, we recommend (scroll through the carousel for a good example):

1. Royal Canin puppy mini breed.
The advantages of this feed are that it is easy to find in any country in the world, in stores, supermarkets and literally everywhere at hand. Basically, all maltipa eagerly eat it. Among the disadvantages: chicken-based food, which often (but not always) causes lacrimal paths in maltipu.

2. Hills Puppy small breed – like the royal canin is quite common in Europe. Small peas are easily chewed by maltipu kids. But it is also chicken based. From our personal observations: puppies with poor appetite eat Hills much more readily than Royal Canin. 

3. N&D puppy small breed pumpkin formula – from the advantages we noticed that on the feed at the kids the eyes do not leak at all and there is no smell from the mouth. But not everyone loves this food, and big picks sometimes refuse to eat it. .

4. Now Fresh puppy small breed – feed based on turkey, duck and salmon. Small granules, convenient packaging.

5. Brit puppy Lamb and Rice – have not seen a single puppy who would not like food. But some cause bad breath.

6. Monge puppy small breed – according to the rating of 2019, the feed took first place among the feeds for small breeds. From our observations: often causes tearing of the eyes. Chicken meat based food. 🐾

We want to add that if it is possible to order feed from Europe, it is better to do it. The quality of the feed is very different than what we have on the market: both in smell and in consistency and in response to feed in puppies.