Maltipu Home Care

Домашний уход мальтипу

The beauty of maltipu depends entirely on how you care for your pet.
Today we will share information about products that will help you care for your tail:

1. Universal shampoo and conditioner Chris Christensen “Spectrum Ten”.

2. PSH – shampoo for puppies.

3. PSH – shampoo enhancer golden and brown (A special intensive shampoo for dogs with golden and brown hair is designed to help your pet restore the color and intensity of the coat color, and make it more beautiful, natural and vibrant).

4. PSH – shampoo enhancer black.

5. PSH – restoring conditioner.

6. PSH – clean eyes lotion (specially designed for disinfecting and cleaning the eyes to prevent the appearance of brown spots around the eyes and lacrimal ducts).

7. Trixie – gel for cleaning ears.

8. Steel comb – a must-have accessory.

9. WINNER PLUS Algomar Seaweed Tabs – Algae-based food supplement. It helps to develop strong immunity, stimulation of hair growth, its silkiness, increased pigmentation, normalization of the digestive tract.

Bathe your maltipa every 10 days. If necessary, take care of your eyes and ears and comb at least once every three days. Also, do not forget about the right grooming (at least once every 1.5-2 months). About the basic rules of grooming, we will tell in the next post 😉