Maltipu worm race rules

Правила глистогонки мальтипу

How to worm a dog? Rules and features.

The presence of worms in a dog can cause the development of various diseases. Worms can affect almost all organs of the animal. Helminthiasis (a disease caused by these parasites) is very common and dangerous, so you need to regularly anthelmintic the dog.

When and how many times is it necessary to anthelmintic?

Before vaccination, it is necessary to clean the animal from worms. Vaccination for a while reduces immunity, and the presence of helminths in the body can adversely affect its formation. It is best to conduct anthelmintic 7-10 days before vaccination.

The choice of drug:

All anthelmintics contain substances that kill adult forms of parasites or prevent their further development. As a rule, most drugs are equally effective. But the better the manufacturer of the drug, the more effective the treatment will be. Each owner can choose a convenient method of prevention – tablets or suspensions. We inserted the most popular medicines into the carousel with photos. 🐾

Anthelmintic procedures are necessary for puppies once every 3 months, for adult dogs older than 1 year – once every half a year.

Choosing the right dose is much more important than choosing a medicine. Anthelmintic can not be given in approximate proportions. Too small a dose will not remove parasites, and a large dose can cause significant harm to the pet. Please read the instructions carefully before giving the tail the drug.

What you need to remember:

To keep your dog healthy, you need to follow simple rules:
* deworming – an important component of the health of your pet;
* puppies have anthelmintic every 3 months;
* adult dogs anthelmintic twice a year;
* Street animals must be treated every 4 months;
* before vaccination, the cleaning procedure must be carried out for 7-10 days;
* Anthelmintic of pregnant dogs is impossible;
* you need to strictly follow the instructions for the drug and select the correct dosage;
* Do not give medicine to the weak, sick and pets after surgery.