Tear paths

слезные дорожки

Everyone likes well-groomed dogs. And in order for them to be like that, they need to take time.

One of the most common questions is the lacrimal paths in dogs. What to do to avoid them, in what cases they arise and what to do to eliminate them.

First of all, let’s start with what needs to be done so that there are no tear tracks:
1. Choose the right food: Maltipu is often allergic to food that contains chicken. We recommend that you transfer your dog to a grain-free feed based on lamb, beef or fish.
2. Do not give maltip snacks from different manufacturers. Choose one favorite (again without chicken) and observe the reaction to it.
3. Do not give the dog food from the table, sweet, frozen, fatty meats, cereals, etc. Any new product can cause tearing.
4. Dog bowls should be stainless steel.
5. It is better to give the tail mineral water without gas.
6. Regularly anthelmintic the dog. Parasites cause severe tearing, especially protozoa.

7. The hair around the eyes should be systematically trimmed, since irritating the mucous membranes of the eye they can cause additional tearing.
8. Wipe the area around with special napkins for daily hygiene, for example Trixie (Photo 1 in the carousel).

There are times when even when all the points are completed, the eyes of the ponytail are flowing. This could be:
1. When changing teeth
2. In case of eye contact
3. If you feel unwell or sick in a dog.
4. Each time in girls before estrus and during it.

What are the recommended remedies for dealing with lacrimal paths if they nevertheless appeared (scroll through the carousel):
– Trixie wipes for daily use

– Angels’ Eyes® Plus feed supplement (without antibiotic) significantly reduces lacrimation and makes the tear clear. Due to this, smudges are no longer formed and the newly grown coat under the eyes will be clean. The smudges that formed even before Angels’ Eyes® Plus were added will no longer be fed by new bacteria and will become brighter over time. for dogs up to 7 kg – a dosage of 1/4 teaspoon per day.

– Eye Envy Lotion is a cleanser and treatment for tear ducts.Gently and effectively removes smudges under the eyes and removes stains on the coat. Eye Envy Lotion relieves inflammation on first use, but an ideal result is achieved within 1-4 weeks. The first week should be used daily until the traces of tears disappear. If the discharge is not strong, then 1 time per day, if it is very strong, then 2 times a day. The result of the disappearance of the lacrimal paths usually appears after 2-3 applications.