What is maltipu

Что такое мальтипу

In our countries, there is a lot of debate about “who are maltipu.” .
Unfortunately, recently there have been many false breeders who sell puppies and call them “maltipu”, while the puppy is actually that poodle (sold as F2 maltipa), Maltese lapdog (sold as white maltipu), Russian lapdog or her a cross (sold as a chocolate or two-tone maltipu often with a brown nose) or a cross between completely different breeds that absolutely should not be involved in making a maltipu.

To understand, you need to go to the origins. Everyone knows that maltipu are bred in the USA and it is there that the breed is considered recognized. Therefore, we go to their club, namely, the Maltipu Association of North America, the NAMCR national and international club & registry, a club that certifies maltipa breeders and gives clear criteria for what the “right” maltipu should be.
Scroll through the carousel to see the original page from their site, and for now we will translate what is written there:
“Detailed crossbreeding characteristics:
Maltipu F1:
Male: maltese or poodle
Bitch: maltese or poodle
Maltipu F2:
One parent Maltipu F1, the second parent Maltipu F1 or maltese or poodle
Maltipu F3:
One parent is Maltipu F2, the second parent is Maltipu F2.
There can be no other breed in mating. ”
Here is the true truth about our beloved maltipu. Any other information is just speculation and personal innovations of our domestic “breeders”. .

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