Purchase rules

Thank you for contacting our kennel and decided to buy a puppy of the design breed Maltipoo (Maltipoodle). To avoid mutual misunderstandings, please read the terms and conditions for the sale and reservation of puppies.

  1. Puppies move to a new home at the age not earlier than 2 months healthy and vaccinated by age. Until then, only reservation of babies is possible.
  2. A puppy is considered to be reserved if a deposit of 50% of its full value is paid for it. Until then, the puppy is not withdrawn from sale and can be sold to another Buyer.
  3. In the case of a refusal from the puppy, or incomplete calculation by the Buyer, the amount is not refundable and serves as compensation for the commercial risk incurred by the breeder. The puppy is repeatedly put up for sale.
  4. The period of reservation is established by mutual agreement of the parties. If after the expiration of the agreed period the Buyer is not for the puppy, the Breeder has the right to consider this puppy free from pledge obligations.
  5. If the Buyer has circumstances that do not allow him to pick up the puppy at the agreed time, he must inform the breeder about it. The puppy remains at overexposure from the breeder. The cost of overexploitation is negotiated.

Responsibility for the health and physical condition of the puppy passes completely from the breeder to the owner after the transfer of the puppy.

The puppy Maltipoo is accompanied by the following documents:

  • veterinary passport with vaccination marks;
  • each puppy receives a three-day supply of super premium food.

* All our puppies are grown on super-premium food, grow at home and in full contact with the family.

Kennel Maltipoo takes over:

  • preparation of an international passport with vaccination stamps. In case the puppy needs to be exported abroad and to prepare a package of documents sufficient for export – the amount of payment for this package and the terms of preparation are discussed in advance;
  • by prior arrangement, the puppy have to be chipped;
  • delivery of puppies is paid separately, unless otherwise agreed with the seller.

Thank you for understanding!